The Road to Paradise: A Review

The Road to Paradise, Karen Barnett’s newest novel and the first book in the Vintage National Parks Novel series, is a sweet story of two people’s interaction with God’s creation – a woman who sees His fingerprints in every flower and sunrise and a man whose past has blinded his eyes to the tenderness of God’s love as revealed in nature.

It’s the summer of 1927. Margaret “Margie” Lane, the only daughter of Senator Lane, has landed a job at Rainier National Park in Washington State. Her new boss, head ranger Ford Brayden, is skeptical about having a pampered debutante on his park staff. But the Senator’s funding for the park’s new administration building leaves him little alternative but to humor the poetry-spouting skylark with the curly hair.

Yet, as Ford watches Margie – her love for nature and the way she sees a story of love in every flower petal – something begins to change in him. Margie no longer seems ridiculous, but rather lovely. When Philip Carmichael, a slick operator who has just purchased the Rainier National Park Company, begins to pursue Margie, Ford’s defenses go up. As the plot unwinds, Margie and Ford must work together to halt the advances of Philip, who intends to develop the wilderness of Rainier for profit, and ultimately, use it as a bargaining power to gain Margie’s hand in marriage.

Favorite Elements:

  • Uniqueness – I’ve never read a book quite like this one. I particularly enjoyed the rich element the setting played in the story. The historical period and location were endearing and truly made the story.
  • Faith – This book taught me a little something about the way God works. I love how God isn’t forced into Margie’s life. He’s a part of it. She rejoices in His workmanship and seeks to share His love. She trusts Him to open the opportunities He desires for her to verbally witness to the lost and goes about glorifying Him until that time comes. Her demonstration of simple trust and love for our Creator has shown me the importance of letting go, rejoicing in the God of my salvation, and trusting Him to open the doors He wants me to walk through.
  • Cover – I know that sounds kind of shallow, but the cover is so cute and vintage-y. It immediately caught my eye when I was browsing for a book to review!

Least Favorite Elements:

  • Initial Character Development – At first, I felt Margie’s character was a little too perfect. She didn’t seem to have enough character flaws, or just overall spunk, to be relatable. However, if you stick with the story, you’ll soon see otherwise! She possesses a quiet determination – a paradoxical “gentle” spunk.

The Road to Paradise is now available for purchase in paperback, hardback, and e-book formats. To purchase the book, check out Amazon or the Waterbrook Multnomah publishers’ website.


I received this book as a review copy from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest opinion, as represented in this review.


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