Curb Appeal


Remember those herbs I planted several weeks ago? They are still alive, amazingly. The basil came up pretty fast. After thinning it out, I ended up with five plants. Four of them went into the bed by the curb, along with some Vinca flowers for decoration. A little bit of curb appeal, and bonus points for edibility (the basil, that is)!

Basil seedling.jpg

The thyme has also come up nicely. I’ve wound up with four plants and have gone ahead and transplanted them into a larger pot along with the extra basil seedling.

The parsley is doing pretty well. I might give it a few more days before transplanting. Ditto for oregano.

The rosemary…

I hold onto hope.

I actually thought it wasn’t going to come up at all. All of the other seeds had sprouted very quickly, but the rosemary pot was still just dirt. Then, I went to water them one morning and saw one tender shoot unfolding from the soil.

I didn’t know I could get that excited over a plant. The neighbors must think I’m crazy.


I am really enjoying the little bit of gardening I have done this year. It’s really satisfying to see the fruits of your labor, literally, growing before your eyes. And, it’s a miracle that these plants have done so well. If they have survived me this far, I think everything is going to be OK.



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