Easter Weekend

Happy Easter! I hope your day was as full of food, family, and fellowship as mine was! We had a lovely church service this morning and wrapped the day up with lunch with family. So much good food, and I never can seem to say “no” to another cookie. Or spoonful of chocolatey-peanut-buttery whatever-that-amazing-desert was. So, you know, I may never eat again…

Anyway, it has been a relaxing weekend overall. Yesterday, I spent the morning in the kitchen, cooking. I made some deviled eggs, some sweet and sour sauce out of a pineapple core that’s been in my refrigerator for a week, a large batch of macaroni salad (with too much onion…next time I need to read the recipe first), and some challah. Challah is a Jewish egg bread  made for Jewish holidays and Sabbath. Traditionally, it’s braided in three strands that symbolize truth, justice, and peace. It’s then sprinkled with sesame seeds to symbolize manna from heaven. I made the recipe from The Bread Lover’s Cookbook, a great volume of recipes for the bread machine. I threw the ingredients in my  handy-dandy bread maker, let them mix and rise, and then took the dough out and braided it. It came out looking like this:


I was quite proud of it (even though I really didn’t do too much to it…that’s the only pit-fall with bread machines. They crank out such flawless dough and bread, and you can’t take credit for it 🙂 ).

This week, I’ve also eaten a lot of humble pie. I am somewhat ashamed of myself for the only so-so review I gave to The I Quit Sugar Cookbook. After browsing through it multiple times this week, I’ve decided to exercise my womanly prerogative. I’ve changed my mind about this book and discovered that I really like it. True, it’s not really my style of cooking. But, it’s something different. And I’m liking different right now. And it’s full of tips on eating healthy while still being mindful of a budget. It’s the epitome of “Waste not, want not.” So, if my first review turned you off, I encourage you not to write this book off your list. It’s actually inspired me to try some fresh recipes in the kitchen. And I like its direction, with the whole no added sugar thing.

Outside of the kitchen, I had the opportunity to do a little reading this weekend. I’ve started Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. And, much to my surprise, I am really enjoying it. I read Pride and Prejudice a couple of summers ago, and I really had to force myself through it. But Sense seems to have held my interest a little more than P & P.

And I’ve finished up another quilt block for the state bird quilt! Here’s Connecticut’s Blue Hen Chicken:


Hope this was a day in which you took the opportunity to celebrate the Greatest News ever known to mankind.

He is Risen!




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