The Gentle Art of Domesticity: A Review

The Gentle Art of Domesticity

It isn’t everyday a girl stumbles across a book as good as The Gentle Art of Domesticity. Jane Brocket writes the things I have felt for so long but didn’t know how to express. Her book is an index of all the good things of making a house a home. This isn’t your typical how-to-run-your-life kind of book. This is a colorful guide meant to inspire you in your own homemaking journey. There are no tutorials (aside from some recipes) or lists of things you must include in your crafting toolbox. Each page is another story in Jane’s creative process – the inspiration behind a quilt, fan-girl musings on old movie stars, and gushings over colorful tulips.


Brocket’s book has everything from crochet blankets to Cary Grant. So, you can imagine, I love this book to the moon and back. It’s so old-fashioned, yet modern and feminine. Brocket’s introduction pretty much sums it all up:

The gentle arts [i.e. domestic arts] are just that: gentle. They do not demand to be practiced…They can be enjoyed by anyone with an interest and the ability to thread a needle, break an egg, choose a color or wield a pair of scissors…What they do require, though, is a conscious choice to do something ‘old-fashioned’ and ‘quaint,’ to choose not to buy and consume endlessly, but to make and create for a change.

This book has definitely inspired me to tap into my creativity even more. Here’s a look at some of the things I’ve been working on with a new fervor since being introduced to Jane’s world.


Here’s my ruffled grouse quilt block. He’s done in crimson on a cream background. (Yes, I am lazy and haven’t got the iron out yet…That’s the ring from the embroidery hoop you see behind the bird.)


These are a few quilt blocks I’ve sewn together over the last few days. I’ve never made a quilt before, but after hearing all of the fun stories about how Jane found inspiration for her quilts, I thought I’d  mess around with some scraps of fabric I had. It’s so fun to see them all come together. I love the springiness of the florals and colors.

I feel as though I give too many books a glowing review. I need to work on my enthusiasm, for when I find I book that I like, I get really excited to share it with everyone. But, this book is definitely worth any high praises it receives. (It’s British, to boot! Can’t beat that!)

I’d love to hear about any creative endeavors you’ve undertaken recently!

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~The VBL



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