My Creative Side

I am a big fan of the blog, Coffee, Tea, Books, and Me. I love how Brenda – the blogger – makes her life seem so beautiful despite all the obstacles associated with daily living. Something about the complete honesty of her tone is so elegant and friendly, and I would love to emulate that in my own developing blogging style.

So, today, I have drawn inspiration from one of Brenda’s regular features on her blog – her “My World This Week” posts – to share with you my reading and creating adventures in the month of March.

Here’s what my creative side has been up to these last few days.


I was in a reading slump at the end of February. I just wanted something springy and fun to read instead of forcing myself through a classic and a historical novel I really had no desire to read. Some trips to the library brought me these little beauties. I’ve thumbed my way through Modern Pioneering (a great book for homesteading lovers!), but I’m really taking the time to enjoy Jane Brocket’s The Gentle Art of Domesticity. A book review is soon to come!



Seeing all of Jane Brocket’s adorable projects and getting caught up in her poetic description of the creative process sparked the urge for a new crochet creation. I’m making this blanket in teal blue and cream, with a boxy pattern of single crochet rimmed with double crochet. The color scheme remind me of the blueberry swirl LifeSaver suckers my dad used to buy me when I was a kid. Sweet memories!


This little birdy is a mockingbird embroidered in mauve pink on cream cotton fabric. I am working on a State Birds embroidery quilt that I found in a Martha Stewart book. When I started the project, I severely underestimated the amount of time that would be needed to complete it. I think this is my fifth of 30 birds, and I’ve been working on this project for a few months. (I had anticipated finishing one a week, but that’s laughable.)

I’m feeling a need for cozy activities these days. These projects are my way of feeling the domestic comforts and getting over the last of the winter blues. Spring is on the horizon, praise the Lord!



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