Love Without Limits: A Review

Nick Vujicic has traveled around the world, encouraging people to never give up and stay strong in the faith. Now, he reaches out to singles, young couples, and parents as he and his wife, Kanae, share their story.

For those of you who may not know anything about Nick, he was born without any arms or legs. All of his life, he has had to rely on others for care, but he has come to the table with a never-say-die attitude. After reading John 9 as a teenager – the chapter in which Jesus does the miracle on the man born blind – Nick realized that God has a special plan for his life. But, up until a few years ago, he wondered if that plan included finding a wife to love.

Enter Kanae.

Raised in Mexico, Kanae grew up in a broken home. After her parent’s divorce when she was a little girl, she had to take on a lot of the responsibility in running her family’s business and taking care of her siblings. Yet, Kanae found a friend and a Savior in Jesus, who completely transformed her life.

Nick and Kanae both dated other people before they met each other, but these relationships always fell flat. Yet, after meeting at a mutual friend’s party, both of them knew something special was (hopefully) about to happen. A year after meeting, Nick and Kanae married, and, within another year, welcomed their son, Kiyoshi, into their hearts. The couple now has a second child, Dejan, and they currently live in Southern California.

In his book, Nick and Kanae offer young adult readers hope for whatever situation they may find themselves in. For example:

For the singles – “Never give up on love if love is what you want, because God planted that desire in your heart for a purpose.” (241)

For the newlyweds – “A successful marriage requires reciprocal and unselfish love, as well as a shared, deep, and lasting commitment.” (241)

For the new parents – “Parenthood will…strengthen you bonds of love, but only if you develop deep empathy and unwavering support for each other by putting your family’s welfare above self-interest.” (241)

In a world where so many people get lost in the expectation of a Disney princess romance, Nick and Kanae’s story is a breath of fresh air. They share the doubts they experienced as singles, the struggles they faced as a dating couple, and the challenges of being new parents. They’re up front and honest about what true love is really like, and, boy, do we need some more of that in today’s world!

Note: This book was provided by Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.


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