Mrs. Twiggenbotham Goes to a Party – A Review


Certain children’s books are just so precious, people of all ages get a kick out of them. Mrs. Twiggenbotham Goes to a Party by Emily King would definitely fit that bill!

Mrs. Twiggenbotham – God’s hands and feet in the tiny town of Smithville – has her granddaughter, Felicity over for the day. Felicity is sad because she wants the new doll in Talloola’s Toy Shop window, but her parents can’t afford it until her birthday.

I love Mrs. Twiggenbotham’s reaction to this. She tells Felicity, “Honeybunch, what you need is a dash of God’s joy. Of course, getting presents is fun. But God’s greater joy is in giving.”

Mrs. Twiggenbotham sets out to teach young Felicity about the joy of giving. The granny and child work together to bake a treat for a neighbor who has just lost his job. The delivery of the dessert includes a birthday party, a cute little puppy named Lollipop, a lot of alliterative names, and a climax that will make your heart smile.

This book is one of the sweetest children’s books I’ve ever seen. It’s Biblical message resonates with readers, no matter how young or old, and the colorful, perky illustrations draw little ones and their reading buddies into the story. As a bonus, the book contains recipes for the foods mentioned in the story – Mrs. Twiggenbotham’s Chicken Noodle Soup and Chocolate Cherry Delight. I tried the chicken noodle soup recipe, and I don’t think I’ll ever use a different recipe for this dish. The perfect chicken noodle soup!


My poor photography skills don’t do it justice!

Check out Mrs. Twiggenbotham Goes to a Party for your little one (or for yourself)! I guarantee it will put a smile on your face and in your heart.


Happy Reading!

~The Vintage Book Lady


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