Doodletopia Cartoons: A Review

I am a diverse reader. I will read just about anything you put in my hands (as long as it’s not dirty, you know). So, hopefully, it’s not a surprise to you that I just finished reading a how-to book on cartooning when you could say cartooning isn’t exactly my forte. Well, maybe I’ll be able to draw a decent cartoon after reading Doodletopia Cartoons by Christopher Hart!

Recently, I’ve been really getting into art. I’m trying to teach myself the fundamentals of sketching, so I thought this book looked like a fun read. Cartooning and sketching are kind of similar, right? I mean, you use a pencil for both. (Not a convincing argument, I realize…) Anyway…

I really enjoyed this book. Not only were the instructions easy to follow (basically, just draw the outline the author provides and fill in the rest), but also the author’s introductions to each cartoon had me chuckling out loud. Here’s an example. Speaking of an “Urban Hipster [with] Pre-torn Jeans,” the author instructs you to “Add skinny pants that look as though they’ve just been ironed with a lawnmower.”

Yes! What an apt description for those kinds of jeans! All my life, I’ve just thought they looked as though someone ran a cheese grater over them. But, I like his description much better.

The book is divided into 10 sections: A Warm-Up (to get you familiar with cartooning basics), Fill in the Silhouette, Draw the Other Half (like from coloring books when you were a kid), Select Different Expressions, Choose and Design the Animals, Dress Up Your Cartoons, Finish the Funny Couples, Write in Cartoon Calligraphy, Draw Ridiculous Inventions, and Complete the Cartoons. Each section also provides you with space to practice your doodles. Sometimes, the author even gets you started with a basic outline. To be quite honest, I just can’t bring myself to draw in this book. It’s too cute and fun; I don’t want to mess it up! I’ll have to practice doodling in a sketchbook or, heck, on the back of a packing receipt. It’s doodling, for pete’s sake!

Definitely a thumbs-up read! I don’t know why, but as I was reading this book, I thought it would be great for someone who’s home-bound or in the hospital. The witty writing is sure to brighten anyone’s day, and the easy to follow instructions (and cute results) are also a plus. Just a thought.

Whether you’re a pro-artist or you can’t even draw a circle (ahem…I’m working on that…), check out Doodletopia Cartoons!

Note: This book was provided by Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.


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