Heartsighs: The Crooners

I always have something to say about modern singers…and you probably don’t want to hear all of that…I like the old-fashioned artists. The legends, and the not so legendary. The men could sing. The women could sing. These people could SING!

So, you get my point, I think. I like old music.

And, what is old music known for if not for the crooners of the 1940s era? A lot of them kept up their fame well after the 40s and they were still going strong. I think I actually like Frank Sinatra’s music better in about the 60s.

Without further ado, here are my favorite crooners. These guys have got some talent.

Perry Como – With no vocal editing…I’m speechless. Incredible!

Dick Haymes – He also sings to “Til the End of Time” beautifully. Here’s “The Nearness of You.”

Frank Sinatra: The Master – Here’s one of my favorites that he does. Such a lovely waltz tempo.

Nat King Cole: One word – smooth. Like liquid gold. To get you all in the Christmas spirit a little early – “O Little Town of Bethlehem.”

Whose your favorite “crooner”?

~The Vintage Book Lady


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