‘Tis the Season for Frank Sinatra, Walnuts, and Knitting

Fall in the Park

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Shut off your computer or phone right now and step outside your door. Now, take a deep breath. You feel it? The biting crisp that nearly sears your lungs, it’s so fresh? The chilly wind nipping at your nose and ears (ugh, that’s so cliche. Sorry…)

Oh, yes, my fellow Book Ladies! Fall is Here!

Fall is probably my favorite season. It’s not just the trees that look like firey torches or the autumn breeze that seeps through you and makes you feel alive. It’s the memories.

Like last fall, when I found a Frank Sinatra cassette tape at a local thrift store and played the dickens out of it (yes, I live in the dinosaur days and still use a cassette player every now and then). I could sing every word to “Being Green” and “Somethin’ Stupid.” I would listen to it while I’d make my breakfast or while I cooked dinner by myself. Good ol’ Frank. We worked through a lot of food together. Sadly, I think I wore him out. The tape isn’t working properly this fall, much to my chagrin. Alas, all good things must come to an end.

Then there are the falls when I was a young squirt. Those days were characterized by picking up walnuts, raking leaves, picking up walnuts, collecting stray twigs every now and then, and, oh yes, picking up walnuts. Have mercy, those trees loved to bear bumper crops. We devised some pretty clever ways to get them out early too so we wouldn’t have to keep coming back to pick them up every night. The method that sticks out to me is throwing a football through the branches of the tree to knock down as many as we could. We didn’t do that too often. It’s not very efficient, you  know. 🙂

Then there was the fall break during one of my middle school years. I taught the neighbor girl how to knit. We sat in her yard and talked and knit, both of us without a care in the world. One night, her mom invited my sister and me for Chinese, and we ate out on the lawn. I bet I spent every evening of that fall break at her house, knitting needles clacking and mouth running.

Fall days are the good ol’ days, folks. The year and all the crazy projects are wrapping up, family is drawing closer, and the days are getting shorter (which totally means more time sitting curled up on the couch with a good book since it gets dark earlier). It’s such a time for memories – the old ones come pouring in and the new ones are spun every day. When I look back on this fall next year or ten years from now, I’ll remember listening to classical music on the radio on the drive home, the first pot of chili I ever really got just right, and pumpkins painted with Snoopy characters. Kind of gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling already.

Snoopy Pumpkin

~The Vintage Book Lady


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