The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook – A Review

I’m not a vegetarian. I love sausage pizza, and it doesn’t get much better than a good hamburger right off the grill. But, as a general rule, I like to eat veggies. But, really, how many things can you do with carrots and potatoes?

The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook shows you that the options are virtually limitless when it comes to cooking without meat. This book is chock-full of wonderful recipes, ranging from traditional instructions for ratatouille to more bizarre foods, like wild rice pancakes with tofu and mushrooms (stick with me, here, all you omnivores).

I tried several of these recipes, and I loved them all! Albeit, I adapted them to fit what I have in my pantry. I have never eaten tofu, and I’m not planning on starting now. Sorry.

Here’s what I tried and how I liked it:

-Hungarian Casserole: this actually isn’t a casserole, but rather something you make in a pot on the stove. A very hearty dish that is wonderfully complemented with homemade croutons. For a healthier version, I chose to saute’ my bread cubes instead of fry them, as the book instructs.

-Wild Rice Pancakes with Tofu and Mushrooms – This sounds like a stereotypical, wacked-out vegetarian meal, but I promise you, it’s delicious! I didn’t have any wild rice or tofu, so I used some kind of risotto-type rice I had in my cabinets. For the tofu, I substituted garbanzo beans. With the variations, I loved this recipe!

-Mexican Polenta Pancakes with Avocado – another great dish! This was probably my favorite one out of the book. I added some chopped jalapeno to my pancake batter, which gave it a nice kick every few bites. This would be a great prep-ahead meal that you could cook up about 20 minutes before you’re ready to eat.

I definitely would encourage cooks who are looking to jazz up their veggie nights a bit to check out The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook.

Bon Appetit!

~The Vintage Book Lady


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