Heartsighs: Best TV Theme Songs

It’s kind of weird that my favorite TV theme songs are all to shows that I don’t even watch…All of my favorite shows have kind of cut-and-dry openings, which just proves that ages-old proverb, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” I suppose it would be more appropriate to say, “You can’t judge a TV show by its theme song.” 😉

Laverne and Shirley – there’s some really funny episodes of this show, but they come off with some stuff sometimes that makes you go, “Was that really necessary?” Still, they have an awesome theme song.

I love the I Spy theme song so much…that crescendo at the end is like getting caught up in a really great thriller novel.

*Note: I am not promoting any actors in this TV show by listing the theme song here. I have actually never even seen an entire episode.

This one right here is probably my favorite theme song of all times. I wish I knew all the words…that should be one of my goals for this month – learn all the words to The Mary Tyler Moore Show theme song. 🙂

What’s your favorite TV theme song?

~The Vintage Book Lady


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