Heartsighs: Anne of Green Gables The Movie (1985)

One of my guilty pleasures is watching all three plus hours of the Anne of Green Gables movie in one sitting. I’m not sure which I like best – the Victorian costumes, the Prince Edward Island scenery, the quirky characters, or the Canadian accents. (Have you ever heard how Gilbert Blythe says “sorry”? Not a Yankee boy, for sure.)

I think the number one reason why I like this movie so much is its authenticity in relation to Lucy Maud Montgomery’s novel. When I first watched the trilogy, I was in awe because Green Gables looked exactly like I imagined it would! I don’t know about you, but nothing annoys me more than formulating a mental image of a character or a setting and then seeing a picture or the movie and find out I’m completely wrong. It’s almost like finding out your favorite character dies in the end of the book. A total bummer.

I like to watch Anne (with an “e”) at least once a year, and I’m about due for my annual viewing. I look forward to seeing, yet again, the hilarious Anne and Gilbert scenes, like these two.

He had that one coming…

Of course, I love the sweet ending. It’s just the right ooey-gooey, make-you-feel-good blend of sweet and authentic. And it makes me want to pop in the second movie and spend another four hours in Anne’s world.

In parting, I’ll let all you Green Gables fans laugh over this. So many good scenes that make me laugh every time!

(Just a comment: She should wear her bridesmaid’s hair with her puffed sleeves dress. Then she really wouldn’t be able to get through the door!)

~The Vintage Book Lady


One thought on “Heartsighs: Anne of Green Gables The Movie (1985)

  1. I absolutely LOVE Anne!!!! I’m due for watching the movies too, but I don’t think I’ll be able to squeeze them in before school starts:((( I would have to say that the Lily Maid scene is a definite favorite and just about all the clumsy and funny things Anne does and has to say:))) If Anne wore her bridesmaid hair AND her puffed sleeves, she’d never be able to go anywhere:)


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