Heartsighs: Judy Garland Music

I have never seen The Wizard of Oz.

I can hear the gasps.

My mother always hated that movie, so we never watched it when I was little. And, for some reason, I still haven’t watched it. I keep hearing horror stories about those flying monkeys…

But, in all sincerity, the gal who carries the show is one of my all-time-favorites actress/singers.

My Judy Garland fangirling started a few years ago when I purchased some 1940s music cassette tapes at a yard sale. Every time I came to the end of the tape, I would hear “On the Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe.” Check it out, and you’ll see why I got hooked. (The video is from Harvey Girls, one of my all-time favorite classic movies!)

And so, I proceeded to explore this tiny girl with the big voice. I bought a 20th Century Masters CD online, and when it came, I popped it into my CD player in the kitchen. It wasn’t long before I was singing the songs by heart. Judy and I have made many a dinner together. My favorites of hers are below.

From Meet Me in St. Louis…definitely on my “to watch” list!

I know a bunch of people have sung this song, but I honestly don’t think any one could do it any better than Judy Garland!

Are you a Judy Garland fan? Leave me a comment and shame me into watching The Wizard of Oz. 🙂 I’ll be doing another post later on my love of Judy Garland movies.


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